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The 20th World Congress of Psychophysiology (IOP2020) will be held in Chengdu, China on September 1st to 5th, 2020.

Now the official website is open!  http://www.iop2020.com

The 27th Congress of the Italian Society for Psychophysiology and
Cognitive Neuroscience (SIPF, an affiliated society of IOP) will take place
November 14th to 16th, 2019 in Ferrara, Italy.


The 29th Annual Meeting of the Australasian Society for Psychophysiology (ASP2019, an affiliated society of IOP) will take place
from November 25th to 27th
, 2019 in Wollongong, Australia.

See the Conference Website for details!  

IOP members can register at a discount price (see the membership newsletter).

About IOP

International Organization of Psychophysiology (IOP) was established as a nongovernmental organization in 1982.

In 1982, we held the first World Congress in Montreal, Canada. Since then, 19 World Congresses have been held once every two years.

Since 1983, our official journal, International Journal of Psychophysiology, has been published by Elsevier.


  1. The world-wide dissemination of information regarding psychophysiological research, teaching and applications

  2. The establishment and stimulation of psychophysiological research, teaching and applications

  3. The development and promotion of international collaborations and discussion in the field of psychophysiology


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