Officers of IOP


  President: Giuseppe CHIARENZA (Milan, Italy)

      Vice-President: Robert J. BARRY (Wollongong, NSW, Australia)



      Secretary: Hiroshi NITTONO (Osaka, Japan)

      TreasurerEmiliano RICCIARDI (Lucca, Italy)

       Directors of IOP


       Connie C. DUNCAN (Bethesda, MD, United States)

       Guido H. E. GENDOLLA (Geneva, Switzerland)

       Wolfgang SKRANDIES (Giessen, Germany)



          Vilfredo DE PASCALIS (Rome, Italy)


         Jürgen KAYSER (New York, NY, United States)

          Juanita TODD (New South Wales, Australia)


          Judith FORD (San Francisco, CA, United States)


          Christoph HERRMANN (Oldenburg, Germany)


         Henrique SEQUEIRA (Lille, France)

           Ex-officio director (Editor-in-Chief of the IJP) 

            Michael J. LARSON (Provo, UT, United States)

            Due to the postponement of the congress in 2020, the current terms of all the officers and directors were extended by one year on March 21, 2021.

            The new term (2020-2026) has started. The three directors were re-elected. 

            We thank a director who passed away on 28th of October 2017 during his term for his long-term service:

            • Erol BAŞAR (Istanbul, Turkey)

            We thank Vice-President and a director who stepped down after IOP2016 for their long-term service:

            • Risto NÄÄTÄNEN (Helsinki, Finland)
            • Sirel KARAKAŞ (Ankara, Turkey)

            We thank the Editor-in-Chief of the IJP who stepped down in 2015:

            • Connie C. DUNCAN (Bethesda, MD, USA)

            We thank the following four directors who stepped down after IOP2014:

            • Nicole BRUNEAU (Tours, France)
            • John F. CONNOLLY (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
            • Joseph J. TECCE (Boston, MA, USA)
            • Maurits VAN DER MOLEN (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

            Board Meeting at IOP2010 in Budapest

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            Milan, Italy (President) / Osaka, Japan (Secretary)


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