Preconference one-day course on

Quantified EEG Tomography 

September 4th, 2018

Guinigi Chapel – IMT Campus, Lucca-Italy


Morning session: QEEG methodology

8.30-9.20: Tom Collura

The QEEG: principles, methodology, statistical inferences

9.20-10.10: Pedro Valdes-Sosa

QEEGT and 3-D electrical brain imaging

10.10-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-11.20: Jorge Bosch-Bayard

Brain connectivity based on EEG measurements and an algorithm to attenuate the mixing of the signals at the sources after the inverse solution

11.20-12.10: Andre Keizer

A systematic comparison and evaluation of four major QEEG databases

12.10-13.00: Giuseppe Chiarenza

Clinical application of the QEEG to developmental neuropsychiatric disorders


13.00-14.00: Lunch break


Afternoon session: Clinical applications of QEEG

14.00-14.50: Jorge Bosch-Bayard

A method for solving the classification problem with stability in small clinical samples

14.50-15.40: Thomas Collura

QEEG and 3-D electrical brain imaging in mental health counseling practice

15.40-16.30: Ronald J. Bonnstetter

Application of qEEG in forensic psychiatry

16.30-17.00: Q&A

Course registration fees

- senior member: 60 Euro
- senior non member: 100 Euro
- junior member: 40 Euro
- junior non member: 50 Euro

Registration fees for the Preconference course could be paid together with the Conference Registration

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