Upcoming World Congress

19. Lucca, Italy, September 4-8, 2018

Details are coming soon.

Last World Congress

18. Havana, Cuba, August 31-September 4, 2016

Chairman: Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa
402 attendees from 40 countries.
5 Keynote lectures, 3 Didactic lectures, 1 Presidential address,
39 Symposia, 6 Oral sessions, 171 Posters
All the abstracts have been published in our official journal
International Journal of Psychophysiology, Vol.108, pp. 1-172

Past World Congresses

Honorary Presidents: Shin-ichi Niwa, Tadao Hori

President: Hisaki Ozaki

Executive Committee Chairman: Hiroshi Nittono

16. Pisa, Italy, September 13-17, 2012

President: Pietro Pietrini

Chairman of the Local Organizing committee: Angelo Gemignani

Scientific Coordinator of Abstracts: Emiliano Ricciardi

15. Budapest, Hungary, September 1-4, 2010

14. St. Petersburg, Russia, September 8-13, 2008

13. Istanbul, Turkey, August 28 - September 2, 2006

12. Porto Carras, Greece, September 18-23, 2004

11. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, July 29 - August 3 , 2002

10. Sydney, Australia, February 8-13, 2000

9. Taormina, Italy, September 14-19, 1998

8. Tampere, Finland, June 25-30, 1996

7. Porto Carras, Greece, September 27 - October 2, 1994

6. Berlin, Germany, September 2-6, 1992

5. Budapest, Hungary, July 9-14, 1990

4. Prague, Czechoslovakia, September 13-16, 1988

3. Vienna, Austria, July 7-11, 1986

2. London, U.K., July 16-19, 1984

1. Montreal, Canada, July 29 - August 1, 1982

Award Winners

Best Young Presentation Awards at IOP2016

Joanna G. Adrião (Portugal)

Claudia Carricarte (Cuba)

Hana Choi (South Korea)

Laurent A. Fromont (Canada)

Adianes Herrera (Cuba)

Magdalena K. Kanthak (Germany)

Leean Kim (South Korea)

Alicia Martínez-Ramos (Mexico)

Fabian Popp (Germany)

Anne K. Vellage (Germany)

(in alphabetical order)

Best Young Presentation Awards at IOP2014


Frances de Blasio (Australia)

Guang Ouyang (Hong Kong)

Alessandro Tavano (Germany)

Katarzyna Zarnowiec (Spain)

(in alphabetical order)


Kyota Inagaki (Japan)

Taishi Kawamoto (Japan)

Yingyi Luo (China/Japan)

Yuya Maruo (Japan)

Yuki Motomura (Japan)

Magdalena Senderecka (Poland)

(in alphabetical order)

Student Awards at IOP2012

Frances De Blasio (Australia)

Emanuela Russo (Italy)

Kathrin Sommer (The Netherlands, Italy)

(in alphabetical order)

The 20th Anniversary of IOP Awards at IOP2002

Robert Galambos

Robert Malmo

Risto Näätänen

Karl Pribram

Roberto Zappoli

(in alphabetical order)

The Century Awards at IOP1998

Natalia Bechtereva

Jose M.R. Delgado

Herbert H. Jasper

Donald Lindsley

Evgeni Sokolov

(in alphabetical order)

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                              The guidelines for application (An Excel sheet for budget plan) are available on request.

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